Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hunting river Donkeys

Ripping BIG streamers for Brown trout is by far a numbers game, you are looking for one fish, one trophy to come out and play. Earlier this week I was invited to fish the Ausable river in Northern Michigan and naturally I was in on this trip.We met first thing in the morning close to where we launched, exited doesn't explain my feeling, this was new to me, never fishing this river only hearing about the giant browns that have been caught here. the Ausable is a beautiful river, great flow, with gravel riffles and deep pockets and runs. Ceder swamp and aspen line the banks and very few houses, although beavers do seem to be at a all time high. The order for the day was to strip streamers the size of small river otters. The first few hours were slow, having one good rip but never seen the fish. Later in the day I landed one small rainbow, about 16 inches and had a couple smallish fish follow my fly.  No great story of 30 inch brown crashing me and losing it at the boat. No followers that made me weak in the knees and peeing in my waders, however I had a blast.  I got to experience fishing on a river that I have heard so much about and it makes me come back for more. Redemption, get ready you big ass donkey brown, I will be back!