Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am truly sorry.
I'm sorry that i put my boat in the water before you had your first cup of coffee.
I'm sorry that i revved my motor a little to vigorously when i pulled my trailer out of the water.
 I'm REALLY sorry that i floated past your picture window and seen your wife in her night gown!

 But What I'm not sorry about is that you chose your profession as a doctor,lawyer, drug dealer or whatever.
I'm not sorry that you built that sprawling house on a piece of river bank that used to be peaceful and beautiful
I'm not sorry that i chose my profession as a fishing guide.
Yes we fish all the time and were on the water all the time and you see us all the time and we say hi all the time and all you do is stair and say nothing. What? Did we interrupt you from chain sawing down some trees so you can see the water better?  Well Get over it, because here we come the salmon are close and it wont be long. Maybe even tomorrow


Monday, July 29, 2013

Good to be back

Been a while, But things have been crazy here at the World Wide headquarters of Fishgazm. Big things are coming this year and i will make sure to keep you all informed. I just wrapped up my Beaver Island carp and Smallmouth season and like always It was another great season, plenty of carp. plenty of smallmouth. plenty of happy customers.
Now its a little family time maybe some camping, of course a lot of fishing and maybe a beer or two. Then its time for salmon fishing, I have heard a few rumors of a king sighting here and there so me and my boy might go look for a couple. since I've been home it has rained pretty steady so a trip to the river is in order, Mousing and river smallmouth are on the go so plenty of things to do and very little time to do them all.
Here are just a few highlights from this summer on Beaver
Adam from the Fiberglass manifesto outing 
Greg and a big freshwater drum

Michelle from Montana and her first carp

Big Lake Michigan Carp

Big Smally = Big Smile

The queen of flowers scores a big smally

Mike releasing a hog carp