Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday update

If your not busy this Saturday come on over to Ludington for suds on the shore, all craft beer all the time. Check it out. Suds on the shore

Michigan is thinking on changing the pike and muskie reg.Maybe some local stocking? that would be cool.

The pere Marquette has some Kings and fishing has been Fair to good,check out the full report here

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Salmon-steelhead recipe

1-9 ft 8 wt
1-fly reel (i prefer solitude reels)
1-spool  of 25# backing
1-spool 325 gr integrated sink tip(i prefer Cortland quick decent)
6 ft of 15# maxima ultra green
1 salmon -steelhead size streamer(preferably chartreuse/orange or olive /yellow)
1-river or lake

Apply all components together in its appropriate place and do as follows.

Cast ...strip....strip...wiggle ...wiggle.
**repeat as necessary until desired result is achieved.  Possibly a few hundred times.

Enjoy this recipe it taste great when done properly .

**results are varied depending on water temperature, quality of casting, logs, boat handling,wind direction,sun, moon, position of jupiter and many other factors not specified.**

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday update

  • Cameron over at the fiberglass manifesto is giving away some orvis fly reels hit him up hereThe Fiberglass Manifesto

  • If you haven't seen them or put your fishy hands on any Smith fly gear you should really check it out. this stuff is crazy tough.

It Has begun

About this time every year the phone starts ringing and the email start showing up, How is the salmon run looking? are there any fish in the PM yet?....yup there's fish here, not allot but fish hard and you will hook a couple. what works the best to catch Salmon? Long explanations and  lots of describing later we get it figured out, well this year here is the short list. Ties these on and fish where there are salmon and you will get need for anything else!!

Storm thunder-sticks

#5 spinners

John with the first king of the year.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The year of Big fish?

This year seems to be shaping up as another big fish year like 3 or 4 years ago. I not sure the reason,more fish eating gobys? Different strain of fish? Whatever the reason there has been some awful big kings brought to the net this year on lake Michigan.
   My good friend Shawn McDonald,who owns the charter boat katch me keeps me up to date on the fishing on the big lake, he has been putting allot of 20 plus pound kings in the boat and yesterday his customer caught one of the biggest I've seen in a long time,this brute was 35.9 pounds....that's whole lot of king. So be prepared for hooking into possibly the biggest king of you life on the PM this year.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cameron Breaks it down.

A few days ago I was reading the fiberglass manifesto about the importance of different polarized lenses colors and i have to say that Cameron hit it spot on. great article, he explains it about as good as I've heard
Give it a read.