Thursday, January 10, 2013

Carpa Grande

In only Six short months I will be cruising the flats of Beaver Island, hunting  for its giant carp and Smallmouth and though I seldom get ready for any season earlier than a few day before, some unwanted free time has allowed me to really start getting stocked up on flys. With all my steelhead flys tied I figured I would start my carp and smallmouth boxes.Here is one that i am really excited about its mottled look and sculpin head this will certainly take it to the carp and smallies up on the Island.

carpa grande 

Hook-Mustad c52s
Head-Small sculpin helmet
Tail- two different colored marabou
Body- two different Ice dub and mallard flank 
Forward fin-Small mallard flank

When tying this pattern after tying in tail start with 2 small clumps of dubbing then Palmer mallard flank then add another 2 clumps of off colored or darker dubbing then more mallard this will add to the mottled look of this fly, making dubbing clumps larger as you go further.