Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Salmon-steelhead recipe

1-9 ft 8 wt
1-fly reel (i prefer solitude reels)
1-spool  of 25# backing
1-spool 325 gr integrated sink tip(i prefer Cortland quick decent)
6 ft of 15# maxima ultra green
1 salmon -steelhead size streamer(preferably chartreuse/orange or olive /yellow)
1-river or lake

Apply all components together in its appropriate place and do as follows.

Cast ...strip....strip...wiggle ...wiggle.
**repeat as necessary until desired result is achieved.  Possibly a few hundred times.

Enjoy this recipe it taste great when done properly .

**results are varied depending on water temperature, quality of casting, logs, boat handling,wind direction,sun, moon, position of jupiter and many other factors not specified.**