Monday, November 26, 2012

Last week my good friend and fellow "swing junkie" came up for a few days of steelhead fishing, along with some other childish behavior.  Typically when Scott comes up for a fishing trip, it snows in July,  thunderstorms and rains in February and late fall it goes high sun and t-shirt weather, same goes for this trip, high sun, warm temps and clear water made fishing a challenge to say the least. Swung streamers for a couple days, one day on the Muskegon and one day on the Pere Marquette. We managed  one steelhead on a indicator rig and one brown on the swing along with Beers at the Rendevouz bar, more Beers at Johnny's,  12 pounds of pulled pork sandwiches, five pound of Barbs homemade cookies and one lost fish of unknown species. All in all with a couple of other small trout in between things it wasn't horrible.