Friday, November 30, 2012

Three in three

One of the great things about this area of Michigan is that in less than an hour we can be on two other great rivers that fish good for steelhead ,salmon,trout and smallmouth, so for fun and a change of pace we did the Three in Three, three different rivers in three days. Day one- Big manistee which is about 35 miles north.Great river for all style of fishing, big water moderate flow and full of logs, lots of fishy spots to hit and plenty of logs to lose hooked fish.on this day it was Matt Dunn from and I. Just to make sure we covered all the bases ,we swung Streamers, fished indicators and threw hot-n-tots .Fishing was a little slow but we hooked a couple and landed one nice steelhead
Manistee river steel
Day two was the Pere Marquette river, which is my baby, i love this river not only because its my home river, the sheer tranquility of this river is unbelievable. late fall is quite nobody around and you normally have the river to yourself. The order of the day was fishing floating lines, indicators and egg nymph was fair with most fish ramming logs and brush, although we did manage one that couldn't find any wood.

Pm river chrome

The last day of three was spent on the Muskegon river.the muskegon is about 45 miles south of us and fishes great in the late fall. the "MO" has a later run of kings than the other two rivers so fish will be located around spawners late in the year. The method for the final day was to swing streamers only, of course i always carry a indicator rod just in case we need to mix it up.We slid the boat in and started fishing pockets where spawning kings used to be ,but nothing was around to hold steelhead there,although there were some spawning cohos and i actually had one eat my streamer as i watched of course i jumped the gun and never got a hook in the fish.Later in the day we managed a small steelhead on the indicator rod,that saved the day of the only steelhead hooked. three great rivers in three days what a week.